Designing A New Human Habitat & Brand Manage a Nation?
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - March 14, 2005 Posted: 5:59:56 PM EDT

Keywords : Design, Human Life, Meaning, Branding, Nations 

I have some unusual thoughts these couple of days. I guess I've been reading too much of newspapers.

Let me put those thoughts down for you to consider. Now, before I do that, I want you to understand these are thoughts I would consider 'out of this world', myself. So don't do this at home or try to change the world because you figured it could help mankind.

OK, here goes...

SONY got itself a new, non-Japanese  CEO recently. His name is Howard Stringer. He's a Brit. Apparently it's a big deal that the average Japanese didn't quit eating sushis or drinking sake for 7 days to protest the ascendance of a whiteman onto their most celebrated corporation. 

That's an interesting thought. Now I am going to stretch it further a bit.

Have you noticed how badly certain countries are run? You know what I mean...within context, isn't it great if a country or countries can acknowledge they need external help (like Sony, Nissan, etc) and get together as a team to agree and then recruit a PM or President from across the world to run their country for them?

Think about that.

What? Did you say people have too much of national pride to admit they haven't got their marbles together to run their own country?

Oh, how's eating tapioca for the rest of your life marinated with national pride? Wait, try this. You, your children and your children's children, all eating tapioca for the rest of their lives, marinated by 'national pride concerntrated'.

I don't know.

Why prolong the sufferings of the masses if everyone know that they are no nearer to solving their own problems (yes, to acknowledge they are too much a part of their own problems) with the leadership and management resources they have?

Why can't a country hire a President for a fee? 

Well, I know this is not very politically correct. Yeah, it's just a wild thought. But it's an interesting thought for me, irregardless. 

Here's another one.

Have you have worked in an office with a central aircon? Did you notice someone is always suffering inside an office. If it's too cold, those who love the hot tropics (shall we call them, Hornbills?) will flap around with their thick sweaters and squawk. If it's too hot (we are talking about perception here, not absolutes...), individuals who likes to 'default their air-con temp setting to 16 celcius', (and shall we call these people, Penguins) will hole themselves up and dream of the Artic wind with mouth opened.

So think about it.

What a pain this is to everyone. Now, how about shipping all the 'Penguins' to cold climate countries in exchange for all the hornbills who would squawk with joy to sun their feathers (bodies la...) in the tropics?

Makes no sense?

Well, if you are someone who cares about the environment,  imagine how much you atre able to reduce the waste of energy and resources and also manage our planet's energy consumption optimally.

I know, this sounds really crazy. Like I said, I had these thoughts. ;-)

Well, I know we human beings are not only rational beings. We are also emotional animals. Still, just for fun, check out this article I picked up from Design Observer. Reflect on that.

Better Nation Building Through Design
Michael Bierut

Iraq Flag
New Iraqi flag, Rifat al-Jadirji, 2004

When a new CEO takes charge, often at the top of the agenda is a new logo. What better way to project the enterprise’s newly redirected mission, not to mention the authority of the new regime?

Someone must have been thinking along those lines in Iraq, where the beleaguered interim Governing Council this week unveiled a new flag design. And a handsome design it is: a pure white field representing the freshly reborn nation, a blue crescent standing for Islam, twin blue bands for the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and a yellow stripe for the Kurdish population.

Iraqis, however, don’t seem to be buying it.

Read the entire piece here :

I am done with this.

Leave this blog item now and go get a life. ;-)

Good bye!


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