*Excuse me, are you mean you a Feng Shui master?*
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - March 12, 2005 Posted: 12:07:15 PM EDT

Here's the quick answer, NO. 

Now let's get on with the story. ;-)

People always wear a puzzled look when I hand them my business card at business functions, sales meetings or even in social gatherings.

'Chief Alchemist?'

'Didn't you say you run a web design and Internet application development company?', they would ask. And 'You sound like some kind of chemical laboratory technician!' will be their final pronouncement.

Well, it's like this...

For a start, an alchemist is not a chemist. :-) Alchemistry goes back a long way. Simply put, an alchemist is, the practitioner of 'the art of alchemy'. Hrm... 

In Dictionary.com, 'alchemy' is defined as;

'A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity'.

The Alchemist

So you see, I am not a blacksmith. And please no, I am not a Fengshui master. I am not even a bit into Fengshui! I don't hope to take over from Lillian Too. I think there's one Lillian Too too many already. What with all those 'little lillian toos' (yes, pun intended) talking metaphysical nonsense all around us.

Actually, I've adopted the metaphor of  'the transmutation of base metals into gold' for the website design, Internet application development and interactive marketing simply because, in my view, there's an engaging parallel between the dream of the medieval alchemist and the internet solutions developers of today.

In other words, he who is in the business of Web and Internet solutions must perform the act of 'transmutation' before he could deliver real values to his customers. As a matter of fact, the true worth of his solution offerings depend entirely on his ability to fuse 'magic' and integrate them into his clients' marketing and branding initiatives. 

An Internet Alchemist takes 'raw materials' from the World Wide Web and through an ideation process and development strategy, fuse and transform proven technology, design aesthetics and marketing ideas into 'killer-apps' or a sustainable online profit-generating model for our clients.

Let's simplify this thing!

Design Aesthetics + Proven Technology + Marketing Ideas = Sustainable Results, Profits (Alchemy-driven).

Yes, that's what we do at XiMnet Malaysia.

Yes, we do web design, that's true. Yup, we do Internet application development, Online branding, permission-marketing, content management system. We even do content development. But these are all 'raw materials'. These are base materials, or commodities as some might say. These elements need the process of alchemy, before they can bring the magic into your business. So if you are looking for the 'gold-nuggets' in your business using the Internet, do yourself a big favor. Don't go looking for a blacksmith to hammer out rusty hoe for you.

Get The Alchemist and his team of dragon slayers at XiMnet Malaysia!


Note to novices : If you want to pick-up the art of Interactive Alchemy, you can check out my resource page here: Web Design, Usability Design, Application Design, SEO & Animation Resources or get a quick-start with So you want to be a web designer..?

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Lac Lac said...

GOOD LUCK IN A JAR  ( Page F 27,Sunday 21 Jan 2007 SUNDAY STAR )


Who is telling the truth.one say no need trinklets,the other sets up a chain of shops to sell items for retail theraphy.

So whose cure is more effective ? Someone must put a stop to all this,otherwise consumers will be taken for a ride.


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