Magic You Can Believe In
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - May 7, 2009 Posted: 4:01:19 PM EDT

One of those things that show you've truly matured as a person, is when you've realised that you cannot fully trust yourself, and because of that realisation, you live day-to-day life with circumspection.

To be more precise, you realised not everything you see, hear, taste, touch and feel is real.

Reality as you see it, has become like a shard of broken mirror, reflecting an aspect of the phenomenon call Truth, but the full composition is forever lost to your mind. To mirror that thought, your mind is actually that shard from the broken mirror.

Our 'broken shards of a mirror' minds give birth to our capacity for illusions or when it is performed on stage, magic.

Martinez-Conde, a researcher on magic says;

'Tricks work only because magicians know, at an intuitive level, how we look at the world,' says Macknik, lead author of the paper. 'Even when we know we're going to be tricked, we still can't see it, which suggests that magicians are fooling the mind at a very deep level.' By reverse-engineering these deceptions, Macknik hopes to illuminate the mental loopholes that make us see a woman get sawed in half or a rabbit appear out of thin air even when we know such stuff is impossible. 'Magicians were taking advantage of these cognitive illusions long before any scientist identified them,'
~Quoted from WIRED

Our mind is the breeding ground for unrealities and illusions. How interesting!

Download and read 'Attention and awareness in stage magic: turning tricks into research' by clicking the image above.


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