What is it all about?
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - August 7, 2007 Posted: 5:16:16 PM EDT

One of those nights, you had fallen asleep on the sofa after a hard day's work, when all your household had gone to bed, leaving you downstairs alone in the hall and sometime in the middle of the night, you felt a hand touched you but you are not sure if you are really not in the unreality of a dream, but you woke up to see the shape of a child in the darkened part of the hall about 5 feet away, and a voice asking you this;

'What do you live for?'

You sensed that if you had given a careless answer, it would somehow cause irreparable damages to the fragility of your life and home.

'What do you live for..?'

The voice, still and clear, is like a forgotten melody that touched all those dark corners of your memories that suddenly made your lips tremble as if to speak only that you know you are mortally afraid of what you will hear yourself.

'What do you live for..?' 

As you try to shape your thoughts into words, (God? My family? my...job..my...,)  the little face cast a look at you with an expression much like forlon disappointment and then in a moment disappeared as if it was too wounded by your shallow reflexes that you'd dared to own those rehearsed phrases as your own voice, but the question lingered in the air...

'What do you live for..?' 


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