P is for...?
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - January 17, 2005 Posted: 10:53:31 AM EDT

It's Monday morning.

I was driving to work from Subang Jaya to PJ New Town via the New Pantai Expressway. On the elevated stretch, just before the Jalan Templer exit, a car flashed into my rear mirror.

Dark Grey Iswara. A lady driver.

She wasn't there a second ago. And now she's too close for comfort. I was driving around 70 km/h. I  remember the speed limit to be 60km/h. Yep, I know but we are on an elevated stretch. 

She swooped in like a vulture. On my rear mirror, she looked expressionless. Perhaps she had a bad night. Wait, it was a deadly look. A sleep-swollen and mindless, 'I don't know what I am doing and I don't care' look. She must be doing 120KM/H on an elevated highway packed with cars.

I got worried for myself. I squeezed left to let her through. She blasted her engine and drove towards KL. I worry for her after that. 

P is for 'Pelatih', they say.

P is also for 'Pembunuh', I think.

We are paying the price for a system weakened by corruption. We are putting killers on our roads. Even if they kill themselves out of their own recklessness, it is still killing.

Asian values? Women are the gentler sex? Malaysians are friendly people?

You must be joking!

You don't believe me?

Drive along the Federal Highway after 12.00 am. You will  change your mind. Something is terribly wrong with us Malaysians. It shows on the road. 

I really wonder about all those generous souls who donated so much to the Tsunami Fund, are they charitable on the road too?

What is the basis for giving?

Love?  Compassion? Wanting to do good? 

Can we drive with more love and compassion on the road too?

We can give too, when we drive.

We can give way. We can give time. We can donate our extra minutes to others. We can give the space in-front of us to another. We can do good on the road too. We can wake up earlier and drive with extra minutes to spare so that we can give them to others. If enough of us do that, we can have safer roads.

Strange it is and it doesn't make sense.

We give so much to the disaster-stricken, we give nothing to our neighbors on our roads. It makes me wonder about this spontaneous overflowing of generosity over the newspapers.

Why do we drive like a people stricken by a tsunami of fear and desperation. We rush, jostle, bully, and intimidate to get what we want. We act like desperate immigrants in our time of plenty.

Give Time, Give Way, Photo credit, 2001 Mark Furqueron

If only we can give more on the road.  If only we know we can give time away, like we give our money away.

Give way, give time, give chance, give face.

That's giving too.

Or do we need a big mock check to quantify the value of giving on our roads?

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