Who were the robbers?
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - April 23, 2007 Posted: 3:22:15 PM EDT

For the past few days, I've been asked by friends and family members about what happened on that fateful night (Pls look at previous post).

I can't help it but I think something is wrong with the way we profile crimes in Malaysia. Here are some samples of the questions I got asked.

Policeman at Police Station:

Police : 'Who were the robbers? Chinese or Indians?'
Me : 'Malay'
Police : 'You mean Indonesian'
Me : 'No, Malay, they speak Malay like us. They look like middle-class kids'
Friends & Family Members:

Friends: 'Are they drug-addicts? Must be! Or Indian gangsters???'
Me : 2 Malay men. They wanted the money, they hit me but I can tell they didn't try to harm us too much'
Friends : You lucky. Indian gangsters would have slashed you first before they take anything from you. 

Indian Taxi-Driver taking me to Setapak JPJ to renew my license
'Cina ah? Sure Melayu!'    

I think, other than the fact that our neighborhood aren't that safe anymore, we have a deep sense of distrust among our people. I know for a fact the robbers could be anybody. I know the robbery points to a more serious social problem within our society.

Here's another downer.

When I was trying to renew my lost driving license at Setapak, I discovered that if I refuse to collaborate with the runners crowding outside the govt office to bribe the system, I will have to pay with my time and patience. I sat there about 2 hours waiting for my turn while witnessing people who came after me got served first. My number got skipped at least 5 times before I was asked to go to the counter.

The runner who wanted me to pay off the 'system' for 'faster service' smirked at me when I finally came out from the room. 

Not all is bad though.

I went to PJ to get my replacement IC done and got it done in less than 30 minutes. No hanky-pankies. I went to the JPJ office at PJ and got served fast enough. Also no hanky-pankies.

My country's a package deal.

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Steven Tan said...

this is "Malaysia", haha... "Malaysia Boleh"


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