Getting It Wrong.
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - April 13, 2007 Posted: 9:44:25 AM EDT

Very often we miss the point in our relationship with our customers. Like the way we get our priorities wrong in our personal relationships. We focus our attention on the most demanding persons. We forget about the quiet ones.

We pour our resources into our most demanding customers with the loudest, most threatening voice. Or that one that promises most profit. And we neglect that quiet, friendly and unassuming customer. 

The loud ones will always be there. They will always get what they want.  To them, the glass is always half-empty. The meek ones, they appreciate the good work. They will in their quiet way, tell 10 people about you. (The loud ones will take what you offer and disappear).     

Don't take the unassuming, undemanding customer who is sitting in the corner of your restaurant for granted. He might not be loud but he isn't stupid. He can see everything you are doing. He knows his rights aren't being taken care of but he just won't raise his voice to get it. He doesn't believe in having to raise his voice to get what he's paid for.

All those quiet unassuming customers, they won't raise their voices.

Until you've gone too far.

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