Stealing Time to Love
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - February 13, 2007 Posted: 5:04:27 PM EDT

'When you coming home, dad? I don't know when,
But we'll get together then. You know we'll have a good time then.'
~ Cats in the Cradle, Harry Chapin.

I have a daughter who's 11 going 21.

I see her growing up right in front of my eyes. She was my baby only yesterday. Now the signs of my daughter transforming from a little girl into a young lady is too clear to be missed. And as her father, I am making mental notes for the coming of rebellious 13. I am worried about the messy crushes of 17.  I might be heart-broken when she's 21 and leaves home to seek her own life. 

Other than the weekend trips to MPH Subang Parade, reading in a little corner together or sending her to her dance classes on Saturday afternoon, I really don't see enough of her. She goes to sleep at 9.00pm so that she can wake-up at 6.00am to go to school.

I often get home only at 9.30pm.  

Most days, I miss my daughter badly. At least that's how I felt last night. 

The night before she went to bed, she reminded me to buy her mandarin oranges. She love mandarin oranges and she said I should get her 10 for Chinese New Year. When I got home about 9.30pm, and as I watched the auto-gate open slowly, I realised I did not have the mandarin oranges I promised her. So I shut the gate again and drove off to USJ 4 for a box of mandarin oranges. I bought it from the roadside stall in front of Apollo Restaurant.

When I got home, I passed the box to Saoda, my domestic helper and told her to let my little girl know that I bought her mandarin-oranges when she wakes up in the morning.

I then went for a shower.

Before I sleep, I walked over to her bed and kissed her goodnight. Looking at her sleeping, I wanted to let her know how much I love her and missed her. How often do you need to tell an 11 year old girl you love her? How much is enough for a little girl growing up to be a little lady? I'm not sure. Sometimes when I do get to see her at night, she's tired after a long day at school and cranky at best. And I am often not my best after a long, long day.

I stood there for a moment, thinking.

Then I got an idea.

I went downstairs into the kitchen and took 1 plastic bag from under the sink. I then opened the fridge and took out 2 mandarin oranges. I felt the coolness of the oranges in my palm and then put them into the plastic bag. I then search for a piece of paper inside one of those crayons/color-pencils-filled, and masterpieces-stuffed drawers and wrote a note to my daughter.

I chose my words with care. 

Then I put the little note into the plastic bag with the mandarin-oranges. I tied the plastic bag with the 2 mandarin oranges and the little note. Then I unzipped her school bag and placed the plastic bag inside, on top of her exercise books. I then zipped her school bag and patted the oranges and little note over the rough canvass before I went to sleep.

I imagine she would open her bag at school at 7.15am today. For that brief moment, I hope my girl knows how much I love her.


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rijac said...

i read this shortly after yelling at my kids who were particularly difficult to manage today, causing me to have to cancel several meetings at the office (no way in hell i would make the meetings considering the kids were still half naked with only 20 minutes to meeting time)...

then i sat down, in anger, and couldn't focus on work.  i distracted myself catching up on reading.  and read this. 

now, in the mental state i am in, it will be a miracle if i get any work done for the rest of the day...

thank you.  i wish i hadn't yelled at them now.


Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin said...

Rijac, we all know our kids aren't angels. I am sure you blew it for good reasons. I had my days of verbal misfirings too. Maybe make it up later with a walk along the beach and an ice-cream treat under the trees. 



sm said...

wow, that's so wonderful.



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