by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - February 10, 2007 Posted: 12:12:30 AM EDT

A close friend message me online saying he's getting very near to cliching the best deals of his life. He's landed all kinds of deals, with value in the millions but this one is special. This is priceless, he said.

He proposed to his girl friend and she said yes. He's ecstatic!

Now this is no ordinary boy-meet-girl and proposed with a stalk of rose story. He is pushing 40. He's a great guy, but one of those who were many times 'unlucky in love'. And I personally witnessed the many heart-breaks he endured. So I am very happy for him.  As a matter of fact, I'm relieved.

You know why? Here's why.

I secretly thought all these years that I jinked his relationships. I was the walking 'bad luck broomstick' for him as far as his relationship was concerned. Over the last decade or so, whenever he got on steady with someone, I will be introduced over dinner or something. And for some strange reasons, many of his relationships became unglued after that. And I thought I saw a pattern. He mentioned that to me too. So when he said he's going to invite me and Christina out for a double date recently, I confessed to Christina I was nervous. 

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The dinner went on fine. Seeing a possible turn of events, I suggested to him that he should do the next best thing. I told him he should propose to her. They had been together for 2-3 years. So when he did propose some weekends ago in a resort in town, (he told me before the day would share his joy with me when he gets the nod), he went quiet.

Very quiet.

Uncharacteristically quiet.

I held my breath for about 4 weeks. I hate to see him go through another one of those dark periods. 

And yes PHEW!


She said yes. But daddy needs to have a word first with him. Still, it's a YES!

Hey buddy, congrats! And you are ON! Two thumbs up!


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