Note to Self
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - September 25, 2006 Posted: 7:49:51 PM EDT

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac, 1650, Oil on canvas, Musée Saint-Denis, Reims

Nothing fails like success
~ Gerald Nachman

Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down.
~ John D. Wright

Unless you try to do something beyond what, you have already mastered, you will never grow.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is our nature to cling on to what we know. It is hard to give up something we can depend on to work and move on, against our instincts, to leap into another dimension. But if you think a little and try to recall, you will remember the myths of the world clearly communicate that Life is a constant flux. Change bubbles froth and sometimes rip asunder the crusted shells that wrap the core of our human consciousness.

Like they say, only change in permanent. Nothing stays the same.

Therein lies the paradox that see so many of us fail in our journey in Life. We need to constantly change to stay alive.

We seldom are able to understand completely that a person's growth is really an interminable journey of expanding consciousness. Well, not on a day to day basis. Not when you have so many promises to keep and deadlines to meet. Tonight I realise again the expansion of our consciousness can be compared to the increase in the intensity of Light as we walk closer and closer to the source of Light. It helps us see clearly. Sometimes too clearly, so clearly that we flinch at our own ugliness.

The more Light seeps into our consciousness, the clearer we see our own imperfections.

With that, comes Pain.

The pain of knowing can be excruciating.

But I believe, it is good and necessary because if the Pain is properly suffered, it brings knowledge. And with knowledge comes growth and a new level of harmony between our world and the eternal Realities that surround us. The tension is always there and we are always learning to pull at the strings that connect us within and without.

But suffering Pain properly isn't as simple as it sounds.

We often deny our path to growth by running away. We hide and turn our faces from light. Denial can seemingly bring short-term relief but it will over the longer term, it may carry a force of destructiveness many times its original state. Also, running away from the light of an unfolding awareness will ultimately stunt your growth. If we do not wilt in our darkness, we will be hunted out of our holes into a blinding burst of light. 

Life is, again, a journey into Light. A spiritual pilgrimage of Self-knowledge guided by our Creator. The holy books are full of instances of people journeying from an old place into a new world. And in these journeys, they are confronted by moments when they are tested.

Severe testing that can break the shell of our flinching souls.

Some pass the tests and their names live on in our minds. Many others failed. Those who come out of the unfolding light understand the price they have to pay and sacrificed a part of themselves to move to another realm of awareness and growth.

Many cling on to the 'Egypts' of their worlds and are destroyed in their dance of self-destruction.

Nothing stays the same.  Nothing stays the same.


Shantih. shantih. shantih. 1


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yasmin said...

hey wiley. want to watch "mukhsin"?


Chief Alchemist said...

Hi Yasmin, very nice of you to offer, I would love to. Bila? Mana?


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