FORBES : Top 5 Riches Man in AMERICA.
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - September 22, 2006 Posted: 6:48:28 PM EDT

I am looking at the list below and I am beginning to wonder if I should at all save for my children's education. It is quite apparent to me that I shouldn't worry about giving them the 'best education' if my sole purpose is that they should live a comfortable life, making enough money for themselves to spend.

No. 1: Bill Gates
Net worth ($bil): 53.0 (up)
Source: Microsoft, software
Age: 50; Marital status: Married, three children
Residence: Medina, Wash.
Education: Harvard University, dropout

No. 2: Warren Buffett
Net worth ($bil): 46.0 (up)
Source: Berkshire Hathaway, Investments
Age: 76; Marital status: Widowed, remarried, three children
Residence: Omaha, Neb.
Education: University of Nebraska Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts/Science; Columbia University, Master of Science

No. 3: Sheldon Adelson
Net worth ($bil): 20.5 (up)
Source: Casinos, hotels
Age: 73; Marital status: Married, five children, one divorce
Residence: Las Vegas
Education: City College of New York, dropout

No. 4: Lawrence J. Ellison
Net worth ($bil): 19.5 (up)
Source: Oracle Corporation, Software
Age: 62; Marital status: Married, two children, three divorces
Residence: Redwood City, Calif.
Education: University of Illinois, dropout

No. 5: Paul G. Allen
Net worth ($bil): 16.0 (down)
Source: Microsoft, software
Age: 53; Marital status: Single
Residence: Seattle
Education: Washington State University, dropout

NOTE: I hope you do not doubt the merits of making enough money to live a life without financial worries. I am certain you know all parents want their kids to not suffer in life. But beyond that, I believe getting listed as Top 10 Richest Man isn't something anyone should aspire for and I am quite certain those up there did not have that in mind when they build their business empire.

'And there's more to life than making money', did you say?




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boo said...

they are dropouts because they are smart and studying in university for 3-4 years is just going to waste their time. they rather dropout of uni and make big money earlier.

you should save money for your children's education for knowledge is power and its good to help develop to their full potential, unless of course your children are smart, hardworking and as discipline as those successful people who probably have studied on their own.


Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin said...

'-) right, BOO.


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