Brand X
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - April 3, 2006 Posted: 5:47:13 PM EDT


That's a word we use a lot without much circumspection nowadays. Everyone is into branding. Everyone can do branding. But what is branding?

Here's my 2 cents worth. To me, branding is foremost about Identity. To brand a company or a product, the most important question to make the client asks is;

'Who am I, what am I?'  

You should go on and and make them ask these other questions, 'Why should I exist at all?, What makes me unique?, What makes me different?, What should people choose me over another?, Why should others bother?'

That forms the basis for your differentiation.

If you are not differentiated, you are not a brand. You are like the faceless masses, without a name, without a role to play, without a place to stand, without a future to work for. 

Strange as it is, many companies do not ask these questions. They dare not ask these questions. They will not ask these questions. Because, perhaps, I suspect, at the bottom of it all, they are not quite convinced they have a role to play in Life. They don't want to know. They fear the truth.

They drift through their journey in quiet desperation and meet their graves on a grey Monday afternoon.

Find your voice and brand yourself.

Or lose your Life by default.

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