Roads to Chaos
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - October 15, 2005 Posted: 12:24:53 PM EDT

I got an early morning SOS call from Chris at 8.20am.  She was lost while trying to get to Jalan Pahang, KL from Subang Jaya. She had an exam to sit for at 8.30am and she's late and lost. Even with the map I'd sketched out last night, the road-signs were hopeless.

It confused more than it helped her.

Oh nooooooooooooo.............
Who do these road-signs?

Are they people who care about road-users? Do they go for usability training? Do they have an ounce of empathy for road-users? Do they do any kind of user-acceptance testing? Please don't tell me the contractors at Old Klang road put up these signs as they see fit.

I don't want to believe it but I think nobody really think about proper road-signs because they don't think it's important. But that's wrong. Think about the stress you go through while trying to find a friend, a client or even a restaurant in KL. That's the amount of unnecessary stress and sufferings these bad road-signs give to people who live in the Klang Valley.

Road-rages? Family fights? Heart attacks on Monday morning? Don't discount bad roads with bad implementation and bad road-signs with no cow-sense.

That's the problem when we don't see that everything we do, we affect the lives of others. Everything. If you cannot connect with the people who use your products, you are killing them. Sure they don't fall off their chairs and die but you are wearing them out with stress and unhappiness. That's murder too. We either add to the goodness of human existence or we subtract from it.

No work is neutral.

If you hate your job and can't see the point of your contribution, do yourself and this world a favor. Please quit. Discover who you are. Get another job. Find out what you love to do. If not you are killing yourself with your unhappiness and you are killing others with your half-hearted, half-baked and low quality work.

Think about this.

Uninspired work is the sewage that pours into the River of Life.

Are you adding life-giving water or are you discharging effluent into Life?

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Lost by Signs said...

Yes - All Road signs should be designed by XimNet !!

The location will be correct - enough time to see, think, slow down, signal, change lanes and turn right direction for a normal and reasonable driver.

The fonts/typpface will be the right type and size to read in sunny, rainy, night-time by car lights.

Go on ... lobby for a job with the Transport Minister ... he's into Life Long Learning !!




Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin said...



kl chan said...

U r so right so tht's y something is being done. Help get all ur pals to identify problem areas we need sufficient momentum to kick ass and inidentifying "Traffic Engineers" for tarring.




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