by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - September 9, 2009 Posted: 9:40:52 AM EDT

Come KL people whoever you are,

and admit that flood water around you have grown,

and accept it that one day you wonít make it back home

if you think Masjid Jamek is worth saviní

so you better learn to swim or you will sink in this tomb,

For our city, itís time for a-changiní

Come bloggers and twitters who criticize with your pens

Just drink up your Aik-Cheong and lose sleep again

But donít post too soon or we wonít see you again,

Still thereís no tellin which language they will be teachiní

For one day itís this and another day that

For our kidsí lives, please bloody stop a-changiní

Come mothers and fathers throughout this land

Donít stroll in the malls or just watch ASTRO,

You got your sons and daughters future to uphold

Thereís a battle and itís worth fightiní

Please stand up to be counted or it wonít matter again

For our dreams, please start a-changiní

Come posers and politicians, please heed our call

Donít sleep in the Parliament, donít smoke in the halls

Your mansions can be big but itís your pledges we recall

Itís about time you just act and quit rot talkiní

We will haunt your conscience and weíll digout your bones

For itís now, we want the changiní

The votes has been cast, the curse it will last

The losers now might later get to laugh

The winners now can afford to act proud

But thereís no tellin how long they will be stayin

For t he first one now will later be the last,

For the time they are a changin

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Wiley Chin
Chief Alchemist
XiMnet Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

An alchemist of the Internet and marketing strategies, leading the charge to put our creative and software talents into serving companies who are out to slay the global giants. Also known as Chief of Caffeine Consumption and hallucinates between projects. Yes, that accounts for his ďgiant slayingĒ stuff.

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