Never again, Nando's.
by Chief Alchemist a.k.a Wiley Chin - August 1, 2007 Posted: 7:42:00 PM EDT

I was stuck at the Penang airport on Monday.

My return flight to KL was at 10.30pm and I had to kill time. Four precious hours. And I was hungry after a long, long day. I went up to the Nando's Chicken outlet and ordered a quick meal. 

Then I got a shock. Get this, I was made to pay RM6.25 for my little glass of Coke! I couldn't believe my eyes. Can it be? Has there been a mistake?

I asked the counter girl how could it be so expensive. She said Nando's@Penang Airport only serves 'bottomless' soft-drinks at RM6.15.

'I can't get a single cup?'

'No', she looked at me sheepishly.

I went back to my seat and ate my quarter chicken meal. When I was done with my meal, I made sure I had an empty glass for all of them to see. I wanted to see how this 'bottomless' Coke will work out.  

But I got no refill. None of them really looked. No one cared.

So, the fact of the matter is, Nando's Chicken knows you will need a drink for their chicken and they want to make sure they can profit from you to the max. They've worked out the fact that you will not even refill so they get to keep RM6.25 for a glass of coke, from each and every one customers who eat at their restaurant. They never intended it to be a refillable drink. It was just a convenient ploy to max-out on the customer.

But that's a shame, Nando's!   

Nando Chicken

You have lost one customer FOR LIFE.

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